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Why use TruRock?

At TruRock, we understand that you can go somewhere else to fill your granite needs and we appreciate that you’ve chosen TruRock as your granite countertop fabricator. Between the owners, Cory and Jamie, they have 35 years of experience in the natural and engineered stone industry. So it’s not just a business venture for them, it’s personal. It’s that experience and personal attention that makes TruRock Louisville’s premier countertop choice when looking for quality and dependability.

Quality workmanship and premium service. That pretty much sums up our attitude when it comes to providing you with the finest custom granite and marble in the region. From sales to drafting to installation, you are getting the best effort of every employee at TruRock. Having the most technologically advanced fabrication machinery in Kentucky is only part of our success.

TruRock has 5 of the most popular edge profiles all at the same price. This option allows us to simplify your profile selection and to also offer unbeatable value. All edge profiles are the SAME PRICE! At TruRock we offer unbeatable quality. Why? TruRock uses state of the art technology. CNC technology makes it possible to shape natural stone edge profiles consistently every time. This means you get the perfect edge profile every time.

The Little Things are what makes your Project yours

At TruRock you will find that we are just as interested in paying attention to the details as you are. Approval drawings, removing all custom charges and all inclusive edge pricing are just some of the so called “extras” (by our competitors), that we provide as regular service. But there are things you don’t see, we imbed steel rods under the granite to assure stability in weak areas, we anchor our sinks to the granite so that you can have your plumber immediately hook up the sink, we carry only premium colors while much of our competition will sell you standard or commercial grade material that is of poor quality. These are just a few of the “little things” that we do that turn into big differences in quality. Nobody works harder at getting you a top notch quality countertop than the people at TruRock.

We’ve just decided to run our business that way

Sure we can use Bait and Switch tactics like most of our competition, but we have decided not to stoop down to that level. Instead of giving you an unrealistic price point and charging you for every little extra, we just give you an honest and competitive price for the whole kitchen and you can do what you want. Think like an artist and come up with a design that makes your kitchen your own. We will show it to you in a drawing and allow you to make the changes you want to make it special. You only pay more if you add square footage, so let us help make your dream a reality.

Big or small, everyone gets the same treatment at TruRock

YUM Center, French Lick Hotel and Casino and your kitchen or bathroom. What do they have in common?……they all get the same individual treatment and attention at TruRock. All orders are processed the same way, using the same machinery, by the same personnel. The key to our outstanding and consistent quality is that we treat every project with a total commitment to excellence. We have been and will always be the industry leader in technology and systems, but it’s our attitude to give our customers and outstanding experience and finished product that separates us from our competitors. So don’t think that your small vanity top project will get second quality workmanship, big or small we strive for perfection.

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